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Our goal is to provide a competitive youth tackle football league which emphasizes good sportsmanship, integrity and opportunity. These elements will not only help shape your son as a football player and athlete, but also as a young man.

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Our coaches love us
I have coached my two sons in various leagues over the past 16 years in three different sports, and nowhere in the state of Texas, have I found a better coaching experience than the PYFL. The league is very well organized and timely with communication & game films, extremely strict about the player & coach certification process, adamant about playing on very high quality fields with the best of officials, and the league attracts the very best of competition. Overall, just an outstanding environment for the coaches, players, parents and fans. My hat is off to the PYFL because they do it right!
- Tom Shuman Head Coach Dallas Colts
I am Stan Driskell and I coached the McKinney Broncos 8th grade select footbal team in the 2012 Spring PYFL. I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to the entire PYFL group for the way they handled our league and our team. I have coached youth select and league teams in the North Texas area for over 15 years and the PYFL experience was truly one of the best. From the quality of teams, to the facilities that we played and the fan fare surrounding the championship weekend made the entire season a memorable one for our players, coaches and parents. And you can't beat the video access they provide for all the games.

PYFL we thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a fine organization. I highly recommend any youth football coach and team to give PYFL a good look!
- Stan Driskell Head Coach McKinney Broncos
As coach of the nationally ranked North Texas Wrecking Crew, the most difficult task I have been faced with is finding a league that offered select-level competition in a responsibly managed environment. Premier Youth Football League has proven to be the home that we were searching for.

PYFL’s outsourcing of the credentialing process and independent Board of Directors were two key factors in Wrecking Crew’s decision to join the league. Other select leagues we have played in have had questionable certification practices or flagrant rule-bending to accommodate some teams and not others. PYFL’s processes are fair and ensure a safe environment for the best local athletes to show off their talent. As a coach I appreciate that level of dedication to my players’ experience and as a parent I feel safe having my son compete at PYFL.

We have been thrilled with our boys’ game-day experience. Whether it was playing at Cowboys Stadium as a part of PYFL, or playing on the excellent turf facilities at local high schools, or the over-the-top play-by-play announcing that our boys so love at each game over the PA – PYFL has been a wonderful chapter in the football lives of the boys on CREW.

- Joe Rayburn Head Coach North Texas Wrecking Crew
The North Texas Fury Played in the PYFL last fall and had a very pleasant football experience. The PYFL have many positive things to offer a youth football program.. For example they have access to some of the best football fields in North Texas. We played in stadiums like Prince Of Peace, Long Star High School and Heritage High School in Frisco. One of the things that impress us the most was the age certification process. The organization board members would be present at every game and would verify every kid assuring that they were the correct age and that actual individual. The process is done by photograph and school records of each player on the roster if the photo and records did not match up the kid would not be allowed to play. In the North Texas Fury eyes that speaks volumes of integrity.. A word that may not mean much in world but in means something to the PYFL youth football organization.

There are several good reasons I could give anyone seeking a football home to look at the PYFl. They have great Refereeing, if you politely ask a Ref about a call they will gladly speak with you and explain what they saw. Notice I said "politely".. The competition is very good and a great brotherhood among the coaches in the league I am glad the North Texas Fury is apart of the PYFL.
- Antwaun Dawson Club Director North Texas Fury
I have Coached for 6 years. I have Coached in many different leagues from Pop Warner all the way to the Dallas Select Football League. I must tell you that I have never been apart of a League that instills so much pride in our youth and do things consistantly as the Premier Youth Football League. In only there first year they seem to have hit a home run and know exactly what its all about and that is "THE KIDS". When I first came over from another league they told me that we had to pay respects for our country so when I seen my opponent lining up for the National Anthem I was quite amazed that we were doing this for a youth game during the regular season. You know most of the time you may see something like that in the Little League World Series or something but not in the regular season of a Youth Football game. The Commissioners and field directors are people that are all ways willing to help and Coaches let me tell you that they are always accessible. Morning noon or night they are there for you and your players ready and willing to answer and help you deal with any questions you may have.

I was looking for a home for me and my kids to play ball in the Spring and fall and I know now that I found it with Premier. Their is music at the games are just like in the pros and there are commentators in the press box. The score board is lit up every saturday and when u hit the stadium you know its time for some football. The Atmosphere is just electric from ages 6 all the way to 14 the divisions are all competitive. It has just been a joy for me to spend my saturday afternoons out there with the Premier family. The Officials are Knowlegeable the Field directors know exactly how to run it; and my kids on my football team are having a ball. I have done Spring before in Austin Texas as well, but Premier is the by far one of the best up and coming Leagues in the DFW. If you are looking for a home in the fall you can find it with Premier.

I love the fact that there is a independent Board as well. That takes the personal feelings as far as the the human element out of it. These are people that are not associated with any team coach or player. They are just a group of individuals assigned by premier to flat out, well lets just say make tough decisions. I mean it is just set up to succeed guys. I would like to thank the Premier Family for Letting the North Texas Bulldogs Team the chance to be a part of something Great! Thanks Guys.
- Antonio Seale Coach NTX Bulldogs
As a coach who has participated in multiple select and recreational organizations over the past 8 years, and worked as a staff member in some of them, I have to say that the experience I had being a part of PYFL’ s inaugural season was much greater than I expected. Start up seasons are tough for leagues, but this was one of the best I have witnessed. My team never had one issue with any field director, league official or other PYFL staff member the entire season and that is a rarity in youth football. My teams will be back and are happy to have found a home with PYFL!
- Eldon Hale Coach Northside Bulldawgs
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